Contract manufacturing
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Border squeezing

We offer accurate bending of high complex sheet parts for our major, as well as for our minor customers. Our LVD squeezing unit makes cheap reprocessing of sheets possible – also for small series an unique parts. Helping hand is the intuitive touch control, which provides a trouble-free using and suggests tools and processing ways for profitable using.


The implemented Easy-Form® angular laser measurement system guards the bending process without delay in real time. Hence, outstanding bending results are granted as of the first processing and are secured for every following processing.


We form sheet parts, profiles et cetera according to your wishes. Your data can be inherited or created in CAD. Please provide your wishes to us, so we can counsel you individually.

Laser cutting unit

Nearly every metal material – such as high-grade steel, premium steel, or aluminum – are accurately cut table with high-energetic, precise laser.

Laser cutting unit

We offer to major, as well as minor companies precise cutting of complex forms with our laser cutting unit of the latest type. The simple handling provides perfect quality to an inexpensive price – no matter if it’s a unique part or a extensive series.

The benefits of laser cutting:

  • short set-up time
  • realise your products with highest precision
  • cutting with perfect quality of borders
  • no post processing (depends on material)
  • Laser cutting enables high flexibility and quality

We cut metals according to your wishes.
Your data can be inherited or created in CAD.