New management team at Texpa GmbH
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Johannes Graf von Westphalen (64), CEO and former owner of the company, will retire as of August 31, 2023 and resign from his position as Managing Director. Ms. Amy Qianyun Li, who was previously the registered manager together with Graf von Westphalen, will take over the function of Managing Director (representing the interests of the investors only and not participating in the daily management of the Company).

Graf von Westphalen’s long-standing management team consisting of Christina Stoiber (Sales Management), Jürgen Franz (Commercial and Financial Management) and Christian Rott (Technical Production Management) will take over the operational management by proxy in order to continue business operations in the usual manner.

TEXPA has established an excellent position in the home textile industry worldwide and is today recognized as the global market leader in this field. The new management will continue to maintain and expand the image of Texpa as a manufacturer of high-quality, long-lasting machines.

Graf von Westphalen will remain with the company for the time being and continue to support Texpa as a consultant and brand ambassador.

Saal an der Saale, August 31, 2023

TEXPA in case study
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We at TEXPA are very pleased to be part of a new case study.

The case study is about: Guarantee the follow-up of the laundry without causing breaks in the manufacturing and supply processes.

  • Read HERE more about the case study.
Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures
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Texpa is now producing face masks

Due to the extremely high demand for face masks, TEXPA Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG has now converted a showroom machine for the cross hemming of terry towels with the help of inventive employees for the production of the sought-after mouth and nose masks.
The first batch has already been delivered to the district administration office in Rhön Grabfeld and production is now running at full speed with a daily output of 10,000 units.

TEXPA with new service-orientedarchitecture
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We at TEXPA are pleased about modern innovations.

We have recently introduced a new standard for our data exchange: The latest generation of Open Platform Communications “Unified Architecture” is now available for all TEXPA machines. By installing an OPC UA server on the industrial PC, the system can be integrated into the customer’s intranet via a LAN interface. In addition to the transport of data, the platform-independent architecture also enables its machine-readable semantic description.

This results in several advantages, including increased flexibility, easily configurable applications and the guarantee of secure communication.

The OPC UA Basis consists of …

  • a Beckhoff OPC UA Server (Server Software Package),
  • a communication data set R/W (50 variables can be read/written),
  • an individual adaptation of the required data.
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In order to be able to meet the constantly growing requirements in machining, the company TEXPA recently invested in a new 5-axis CNC machining center of the type Chiron FZ12 FX. The machine produces small parts with complex geometries and high accuracy requirements such as sewing machine parts.

Especially in this area, we are constantly developing new components in order to be able to adapt to the wide variety of textile requirements and at the same time further improve the efficiency of our sewing units.

The new
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We at TEXPA never stand still – with our know-how gathered over many years and an innovative company philosophy, we are always on the road to continuous improvement.

Of course, we follow this path at all levels: Our new logo has been modified in time and now shines in a modern new look. With the adapted X, we are also sending an independent logo into the race.

It was important to us to maintain the recognition value and at the same time to set an appropriate impulse in the fast-moving world of advertising.

TEXPA with the new website
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We have also set ourselves a new goal in terms of our Internet presence. Visitors to our new website can now enjoy a well-proportioned overview in tile look and options for quick navigation to various subpages. By interactive tiles and a rich number of company-related pictures we would like to present you TEXPA as a dynamic company.

Especially the machine overview benefits from this relaunch: Visitors get a quick overview of the different machines and their performance features.

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In the course of our relaunch, new image photos of our company were recently made, of which some are already integrated on the website. As the hidden champion of German mechanical engineering, we would like to take you behind the scenes with these photos and the making of and give you an insight into our location, our machines and our structures.

We are sure: The high-quality pictures as well as the resulting increased transparency to the outside make this shooting a complete success.